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Cupcakes: A Love Story

Haley Cabe and Patrick Harrigan met in the spring of 2009. Their chemistry (both in and out of the kitchen) was undeniable. One of their favorite things to do together was cook–they would turn up the music, dance around the kitchen, and whip up delicious dinners (delicious to them, at least). But the fun really began when they started baking together. Both creative by nature, the pair found delectable ways to express themselves in the creation and decoration of very small cakes. The months passed, and their feelings for cupcakes (and each other) progressed until one day, when Patrick asked Haley to make cupcakes with him forever. She said yes, of course, and they decided to make it official by starting their own cupcake bakery. Nine months later, Silver Lining Cupcake Co. was born…